The Chocolate Factory Project

Our four main tenants at Be Great For Nate are to empower youth, inspire creativity, develop leaders and create community. This is done by providing unique learning opportunities to the youth that are served. The Chocolate Factory is an intensive three and a half year internship that is offered to a select number of youth during their freshman year of high school and concluding upon their high school graduation. The participants of the Chocolate Factory take on a role as interns to the executive director and learn the skills necessary to run a nonprofit organization.

Life long change agents

Youth will work to examine the world through a change agent lens. They will graduate this program ready to continue to make the world a better place.

Professional communication

Being able to speak and write professionally is essential to anything we do in life. Chocolate Factory members will learn skills that are applicable to all parts of life.


Participants will learn the skills to create the budget and financial plan for a nonprofit organization. In their last year of the program they will create the annual budget for the entire organization.

Impactful policies

The creation of legislation ensures that changes remain for a long time. As part of the Chocolate Factory the youth will learn how to draft legislation and then work to enact it. 

Current Chocolate Factory Members

Meet the class of 2023 Be Great For Nate Chocolate Factory Project Interns!

Phoebe Tavares

Noah Phelan

Vincent Milici

Annie Ford

Megan Clarke

Lauren Gugliotta