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Since the tragic passing of Nathan Bruno by suicide in February of 2018 we have accomplished

so much in honor of Nate. We have created several programs that are showing a measurable

positive impact on Portsmouth youth. 91% of the youth involved in our programs are very to

extremely confident they could help someone that is suicidal. We are one of the only places in

the country that will train youth in suicide prevention skills and it is already proving to work

through our surveys but also in real life. Be Great For Nate youth have led to over ten fellow

youth getting help because of suicidal ideation, our organization is saving lives.

In under two years we have grown membership from three youth involved in our Every Student

Initiative program to sixty-three active members. We have drafted meaningful and impactful

legislation, the Nathan Bruno and Jason Flatt Act, that will help save children’s lives in the state

of Rhode Island. We have brought the community together through a dozen events to spread

our mission and vision. Our organization and its work is regularly featured in local newspapers,

magazines and television news networks. Over the past six months we have also been working

with famous documentary maker Ken Burns and will be featured in an upcoming PBS


But there is so much more positive impact to be made and you and your company can make

that happen. The support of our local businesses is essential to our mission, because making

change and providing proper support takes an entire community. By becoming a sponsor of Be

Great For Nate Inc. you are helping to accomplish our goal to create community.

With your help and support we can make all this happen and you can help build the foundation

for youth to grow into innovative leaders that will lead lives of positive impact.

By becoming a sponsor of Be Great For Nate your company will play a leading role in all the

good our organization strives to do. To show how much we appreciate our amazing sponsors

we have developed a tier system that will provide you with added benefits for supporting our

mission. Plus your contribution is a tax write-off as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit!

Your company can choose from six different sponsorship levels of increasing amounts, but each

level comes with different added benefits to becoming a sponsor. The bigger your contribution

the bigger the impact you are helping us to make!

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