Our Programs

Be Great For Nate Inc. strives to provide youth with a unique experience of connecting to their community based on their areas of interest and passion. We know that there is no such thing as one size fits all so we work with youth to assist them in finding what fits them best! 

Every Student Initiative

A youth lead social advocacy group that aims to empower the voice of youth and teach them the skills to become effective community organizers.

Peer to Peer Mentorship

This program pairs high school youth with elementary and middle school aged youth in a social emotional IQ boosting curriculum.

Community Mentorship

Communities are full of highly skilled individuals in many different areas of focus. This program matches youth up with experts in the community that can help youth explore their interests.

Goal Coaching

Targeted coaching to youth, and their parents, on how to set a goal and then follow through and achieve it. This program gives youth the skills to set priorities and then make plans to reach an objective they have set for themselves.