How Are You?

COVID-19 has created uncertainty in our lives. It is important that we are taking care of ourselves and those around us physically and emotionally. So take the #HowAreYou Challenge by checking in with five people a day and asking them a simple but powerful conversation, how are you?

Every day we strive to be great for Nate!

Empowering youth to explore their areas of interest by providing healthy social emotional development and support within their communities.

Our Programs

At Be Great For Nate Inc. we strive to provide youth with a unique experience of connecting to their community based on their areas of interest and passion. We know that there is no such thing as a one size fits all so we work with youth to assist them in finding what fits best!

Every Student InItiative

A youth lead social advocacy group that aims to empower the voice of youth and teach them the skills to community organize.

Peer to peer mentorship

This program pairs high school youth with elementary and middle school aged youth in a social emotional IQ boosting curriculum.

community mentorship

Communities are full of highly skilled individuals in many different areas of focus. This program matches youth up with experts in the community that can help youth explore their interests.

The Chocolate Factory

An intensive four year internship that is offered to a select few Every Student Initiative members. Youth invited learn the intricacies of running a nonprofit organization. 

How you can make an impact!

It takes an entire community to make change happen so we value all the support we receive from our communities. Your support is instrumental to our success. Here are some may that you can make an impact today!

Become a monthly donor

Your donation will ensure that Be Great For Nate can continue to serve youth. Become a monthly donor today and your impact will span across the year!

Sign up to be a community mentor

We are always looking for community members that offer skill sets so youth can connect with them and begin to explore careers that interest them while they are still in high school.

Buy tickets to an event

Attend one of our fundraising events throughout the year to help support our work and to also have a good time! 

Become a corporate Sponsor

Your company can play a major role in empowering youth by becoming a corporate sponsor of our organization. Being a sponsor also comes along with many benefits for your company!